Years 3 & 4 2019 - 2020

Welcome to year 3/4

Year 3 and 4 are very exciting years where children gain more independence and responsibility. The year 3/4 team will consist of Mrs Appleton, Mr Simpson and Mrs Phillipson. In addition to this, there will be different teaching assistants working with us all. We are very much looking forward to working in the year 3/4 team. This letter will tell you what to expect and will explain any differences from the previous year group.


Our school day begins at 8.45am when the gates open and we finish at 3:10pm. Once children are inside school, they will put their bags and lunch boxes in their lockers, hang their coats up and go into class with their reading diaries, which need to be signed at least five times a week.

Each day, children need to ensure that they have a labelled PE kit and a water bottle. We have specific PE days, which are Thursdays and Fridays, but the children could need PE kits on any day of the week. Pencil cases are not permitted and all equipment will be provided in class.

Dinner and snack

Children will order their dinner in the morning if they are having a hot school lunch or a sandwich from the sub bar. Snack time is different in year 3 compared to year 2. Children will no longer receive fruit and can choose a snack from the school kitchen or bring their own healthy snack. Children will also be able to choose between apple juice or orange juice. During registration, snack is ordered and at playtime they will take their money to the kitchen hatch where they will pay and collect their snack.

Homework and expectations

It is expected that by the end of year 4 all children know their times tables up to 12 x 12 and by the end of year 3, in preparation for year 4, we expect children to know at least their x2, x3, x4, x5, x8 and x10.  A national times table assessment has been introduced by the government and all pupils will take the test in the summer term of year 4.  There are many different websites the children can visit to practice these times tables such as Times Tables Rock Stars and Purple Mash.

There is a list of words which children should be able to spell by the end of year 4 in order to meet the required standard for Lower Key Stage 2. We aim for children to accurately read and spell at least 50% of them by the end of year 3 and at least 80% by the end of year 4. Practising these words at home will enable your child to make good progress and meet the required standard for the end of year 3 and 4. 

As always at Cledford, the expectation is that all children read at home with an adult at least 5 times each week. We expect that reading diaries are signed daily. Reading may be from a magazine, newspaper, fiction or information book. The children will be provided with a book that is at their appropriate level and will be changed when they have finished reading it.

Homework in year 3/4 follows the same whole school approach which they have used in year 2 and 3. Children are expected to complete one challenge a week and projects are shared with staff and peers on a regular basis. Our aim is for children to be able to discuss their findings knowledgeably and enthusiastically, taking pride in their work. 


We have many different topics to look forward to in year 3/4 such as The Rainforest, Kings and Queens, Egyptians and The Romans.







Church visit for Harvest

Church visit for Christmas

Christmas Theatre Visit

Year 4 – Clonter Theatre

Year 4 Residential – Robinwood

Church visit for Easter

Year 3/4 visit to The Catalyst Museum

Educational visit linked to The Romans

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the year 3/4 team. We look forward to a wonderful year ahead.

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