Leadership Team & Profiles

At Cledford Primary School we have a number of key staff on  the leadership team. Senior leaders and phase leaders meet every week with a strategic focus. The focus of each meeting varies and can include carrying out work book scrutinies, monitoring standards across school, reviewing the impact of action plans and evaluating school development priorities.  


Senior Leaders

Federation Headteacher: Mrs Jane Booth

School Principal: Mrs Sarah Frater

Federation Business Manager: Mrs Jackie Irlam

Senior Lead Teachers: Mr Chris Adlington & Miss Alison Platt


Middle Leaders

EYFS Leader/Outdoor Learning Lead/Phonics Lead: Mrs Emma Higgins

KS1 Phase Leader: Mrs Mari Peters & Miss Alison Parton

English Lead: Miss Lucy Wagstaff amd Mrs Emma Phillipson

USK2 Phase Leader: Miss Alison Platt

LKS2 Phase Leader: Mrs Kate Marsland & Mrs Lucy Appleton

Federation Facilities Manager: Mr Giles Marsland

Maths Lead: Miss Rebecca Gerrard & Mrs Lucy Appleton

SENDCO: Mr Craig Simpson 


The leadership team, federation governing board and school staff are firmly focused on ensuring that the pupils at Cledford Primary School achieve the best they can.


Cledford Primary School, George VI Ave, Middlewich, CW10 0DD