Parent Zone

Please find below some recommendations of resources and tips to support parents, professionals and young people.

Gaming Support for Parents/Carers

This webpage created by Young Minds contains information and advice for parents & carers around supporting a child if they are struggling with Gaming.  

Online Safety Films

The UK Safer Internet Centre has published a blog featuring a series of short films created during lockdown by young people across the UK to inspire their peers to stay safe online and make the most of the internet. This could be a helpful resource for professionals to use to supplement online safety work though can also be directly accessed via parents, carers or young people.  

BBC OWN IT - Safer Internet App for Young People 
The BBC Own It App is designed to help young people return to learning. It has videos and articles on topics including dealing with mean comments, reconnecting with friends, posting photos safely and back-to-school bedtime routines.




New learning resources

We are aware that the BBC and Oaks National Academy have launched new online lessons and resources from today. We have not have an advanced view of these and so Cledford staff will be reviewing what is available on these platforms and how these can be used to supplement or support what we are currently offering.

After lockdown.

At this time, the length of the national lockdown is unknown, but be assured that we are starting to plan ahead for the rest of the academic year and how transition back to school life can be best managed, including planning a ‘recovery curriculum’ to revisit this years’ topics and basic skills.   Schools and Government are working together to consider the best ways to manage the ‘lost learning time’ that will have occurred with the intention that pupils will not be disadvantaged by the school closures.

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Mrs S Frater
Deputy Head Teacher


In the attached pages you can find all the information relating to school life that you, as a parent/carer, will find useful.

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