Pupil Progress

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At Cledford Primary School we are passionate about pupil progress.  It is our aim to ensure that every pupil reaches his or her full potential.  Ensuring maximum progress means providing focused, personalised learning opportunities for our pupils, setting appropriate targets and using on-going assessment for learning to plan their next steps.  We have high expectations for learning in our school.

We have an inclusive approach which recognises that children have different learning styles, that some may have barriers to overcome and that some may be particularly gifted in one or more areas of the curriculum.  This means that our teaching staff work hard to meet the particular needs of the children in their care. 

All teachers meet every 6 weeks with the federation headteacher/head of schools to discuss pupil progress in reading, writing and mathematics.  Where there is a perceived lack of progress a plan to address the issues is discussed and implemented. 

Senior leaders track pupil progress every term through a data programme which allows them to look at every group in school, for example boys writing, gifted and talented mathematicians, etc.  Leaders also use the programme to track teacher effectiveness and to address any teaching and learning issues. We do not focus on ‘expected progress’, i.e. progress that might be expected for each child at a certain age but on ‘good progress’ – learning which ‘adds value’ to children’s achievements. 


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