'You said, we did!'

Here are some of the requests from the school community

and what we have done to help


​If you have a suggestion or idea, please don't hesitate to speak to a member of staff. Where possible, we will change how we do things; if we are unable to amend the current process/es, we can provide an explanation as to why we do things the way we do.


"Does the school have any specific restrictions in regards to packed lunches?"

A one minute guide to healthy eating has been uploaded to our website


"Maybe the drinks for the children could be bigger (at lunchtime), especially in the warm weather"

All children are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school everyday; they have access to water coolers to top their bottles up during the day, should this be required. Any child who does not bring in a bottle is also given access to water via a beaker. We strongly encourage the children throughout the school day to drink their water, especially in the warmer weather.


"It would be helpful for parents to be informed of assembly topics, particularly if they are about recent events (ie. London Terror attacks), this way parents can also ensure they can help children deal with any worries / questions at home."

We will advise parents of any sensitive assembly topics via the newsletter; Friday are the only days where such events will be discussed, therefore parents will be given the details on the same day as the children.


"Allow snack money to be paid via online account in amounts as small or big as desired"

The online system is set up for Reception and KS1 children; the default amount is set to £10, however this can be amended to be more or less as required.


"All children should be able to do CPR to save a life because it is normally a child that is with a parent or grandparent if they are taken ill"

During science week the Year 5 & 6 children were given CPR and first aid training by St John's Ambulance.


"We would like to have 'family lunchtimes' brought back"

A list of family lunches has been published in the newsletter (15.04.16) for each year group


"We would like a revised lunch menu (April 2016)"

The lunch menu options have been amended following feedback received from pupils, parents/carers and staff. The changes will start week begining 2nd May 2016


"We would like more pictures and news information on the school website"

The school website is updated every week with the visits and activities that the children complete - including reports and photographs


"We would like to see more information about school menu choices"

The school website 'school menu' page has all the menu information until the end of this academic year (July 2016)


"We would like to be able to order additional items (bags, bottles, etc.) at the same time as the school uniform (on the same order form)"

We have changed the uniform order form to include sundry items: PE bag, book bag, water bottle, etc.


"We would like the uniform order form to be changed to reflect the size of the garments in ages instead of inches"

In January 2016 we amended the order form as requested and it is now available in the new format online (website) and in paper (via the school office)


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