Your Questions & Suggestions

Please see below suggestions and queries presented by our parents.

We look at all your ideas carefully; we implement the changes that are possible, unfortunately not all your suggestions can be realised:


Year 4 Family Lunch 21.05.18

More food would be more sustainable; the portion size for children is leaving them hungry (observation from my children)

All food is prepared by qualified members of the catering team under the careful supervision of our award winning cook Mrs Julie Croft. The portion sizes are determined by nutrition advice and information for the age of the pupil. All meals are balanced - salt, sugars, vegetable and fruit content are carefully monitored to ensure the meals the children are provided with are in line with all government guidelines.


Recently the newsletter has contained conflicting pieces of information, eg times and dates.

We apologise for the inconsistencies and will ensure all dates and times are confirmed before we include the information in the newsletter. Please don't hesitate to contact the school if you have any queries or comments about the newsletter details.


I understand that homework is important but it seems to be taking over our weekends. The 'own choice' project is good in theory but when you have more than one child and seem to need a never ending craft drawer, it is very draining.

Please come into school and speak to your children's class teachers about the project homework provided. We have received a lot of positive feedback about the new homework schedule and we might be able to suggest ideas that our other families have been using. We are collating all feedback to look at how we set homework in the future.


It would be ideal if parents/carers could collect their children from just one place, this will save the child waiting from getting cold whilst waiting and also getting upset thinking that their parent/carer isn't coming if the parent is later from sorting out other sibling (eg. forgotten something).

Thank you for your idea, unfortunately given the number of children/siblings we have in school it wouldn't be possible for all families to leave school all together at the same time at the same gate. The staff who release the children always bring them back into school if there is a delay, especially if it is cold or wet, reassuring them the whole time so they don't feel upset. If you are concerned, please don't hesitate speak to the class teacher to resolve any anxieties experienced.


Would it be possible to do something similar (to the dog fouling) for the parking in a few months' time, maybe include an email where people can send photos to the police.

We are currently working with the new PCSO to educate drivers about safe and considerate parking / driving around school, especially at drop off / collection times. We will diarise this suggestion and ask the children to create posters and information leaflets next term.


An account that snack money is paid into that can be viewed by parents so that we know how much is left in the account and when to 'top it up'.

The online payment system does not allow individual accounts to be monitored in this way. Please contact the school office to provide confirmation of the snack account balance and we will investigate alternative ways to communicate the details to youselves.


Teach children the value of money: choose an item to save for in each class and once achieved, see the children enjoy what they have earned.

This is something that we will discuss during staff meetings and how we can implement in this space for more updates!


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