Feedback 2017-2018

Year 1 Family Lunch - 02.07.18

It was good for my child to show us his school. Lunch was very enjoyable (pasta). Thanks to the cook and kitchen staff. A lot of work goes into an event like this, so thanks to all involved.

Family lunch was really good! The menu was good - chocolate crisp cake, etc. Nice to eat with my grandchild and others.

Lovely to spend time with my daughter adn get to see her at lunchtime. I don't often get the opportunity to attend daytime stuff at school, so I was really pleased to be able to.

Lovely family lunch! The food was lovely! So nice to spend time with my child.

It is a lovely opportunity to be involved and be able to attend things that the school organise.

Enjoyed family lunch today, friendly kitchen staff and great manners. Nice to see the children enjoying a well balanced lunch. Thank you.

Really good idea. Nice to see teh children in a different environment. Thank you.

Fantastic lunch. Very good. My child enjoyed it and it was lovely to come in and have lunch.

Fab. My child gave me a big squeeze and said she loved it as did I.

Lovely, my child loved us being there. Food was delicious. Thank you.

We had the cheese toastie - very nice. Enjoyed the salad, fruit and chocolate crunch. All good, thank you!

I must say that family lunch was, again, excellent. Very well organised and all children very happy and smiling - congratulations to all the staff involved.

Lovely lunch - love these lunch times. Thank you.

Y6 end of year assembly and lunch; the school once again has done us proud! The assembly was so emotional but the children were so happy & relaxed and really enjoyed showing us what Y6 has all been about. Well done CLEDFORD.


Year 4 Family Lunch - 21.05.18

I really enjoyed sitting with my daughter and the food was lovely

Lovely service - super clean! Never tasted enchilladas - it was delicious - yum..... Fresh sweet fruit for afters. Great options, thank you

Thank you for a very nice meal. I could have eaten more

Very pleasant lunch! Can I have the recipe for the chocolate crunch! Thanks

Really enjoyed coming into school to have lunch with son. Food was nice.


Year 1 Family Lunch - 05.03.18

Thank you for a lovely lunch - I thoroughly enjoyed it adn so did my child. Thanks again

Lovely to have dinner with my daughter. Lovely idea

Lovely having lunch with my daughter, a very special treat. Enjoyed by all

Lovely, thank you

Great lunch, everything went like clockwork

Thanks for a lovely lunch

Had a lovely lunch


Parent Maths Workshop - 27.02.18

Good idea to help parents understand what is expected at what stage

Maths - addition / subtraction. Interesting methods which I would not have done unless I had attended this session

Information session - perhaps breakdown into keystages

Really good learning afternoon - it has been such a long time since I went to school and my old fashioned methods are no longer any good. This new curriculum is so much more explanatory for the children. Excellent once again Cledford.

Excellent maths workshop! Really helps inform parents to help them progress. Look forward to other workshops. Thank you

Maths workshop is a great idea - maybe breakdown KS1 & KS2 separately? Well presented. Thank you!

Parent maths workshop - brilliant insight into the different methods at all levels. Great explanation! Thank you


Reception Family Lunch - 12.02.18

Loved having family lunch, the food was lovely.

Lovely having lunch with my little girl. Looking forward to next time

Great lunch for receptio family lunch. The pizza was delicious

Lovely reception lunch. Great experience for mummy


Reception - stay and play

Great fun stay & play


Year 5 Family Lunch - 22.01.18

Lovely meal I had with my grandson

Lovely lunch, cottage pie was yummy! Thank you.

Dinner was very enjoyable. Plenty on the plate. For future lunches: can we have roast dinner?

Lunch was lovely. Thank you

Lovely. Great idea to have a family lunch. Would be nice to be able to stay for longer after lunch

Great food. Would love to come again. Kids had a great time

Very good, I enjoyed it all

Really good idea, kids loved it

Family meal really nice. Thank you

Lovely cottage pie and apple cake and custard


KS1 Nativity Performance - 13.12.17 & 14.12.17


Loved the play! Well done to all

Great nativity KS1!

Loved it, the children were amazing

Well done KS1. Merry Christmas!

Lovely idea! Great singing. Well done

Lovely singing by the children. Music 'happy' and 'sparky'. Children enjoyed themselves. Very good.

Excellent. Very good. Bring a bigger shock every year - keeps getting better and better!


Reception Nativity Performance - 06.12.17 & 07.12.17

7th December 2017: Reception Nativity - WELL DONE TO ALL. Very enjoyable!

Well done Reception. It was really good!

Very nice. Well done children and teachers. Beautiful songs, costumes. Lovely singing


Open Day - 07.11.17

Deputy head, Mrs Frater, showed us around all the areas and provided all the details we could have asked for. Great environment and looks like a promising school to let our children develop at.

Deputy head showed us around. Very informative. Lovely to see the kids in the school environment.

So glad we came to have a look round the school. The provision is excellent and all of the children presented as hapy and engaged in their learning. Thank you for your time Mrs Frater.

Thank you very much for making us feel welcome.



October 2017 parent and pupil survey responses have been uploaded; please have a look at the results and comments. We will be responding to your suggestions in due course.

This is our feedback page, where we will upload and comments received by parents, carers and visitors to Cledford Primary School:


Year 6 Leavers' Assembly

A fabulous leavers' event - talented performers, lively performance coordinated well by dedicated staff. Tasty lunch, quality products, very enjoyable. Thank you

Great assembly and love having lunch with my son

Lovely morning for the parents to see what the children have enjoyed over their time at school. Children loved it & will remember it for a long time! Thanks

Lovely leavers' assembly. Well done year 6! Lovely family lunch! Thank you Cledford

Brilliant and very emotional leavers' assembly. Thank you for the experience

Lovely lunch

Fantastic morning, lunch enjoyable. Will miss being part of the school. Well done

Very nice, enjoy coming in for lunch with my children

Fantastic leaving assembly

Delightful family lunch and very friendly staff. Thanks

Year 6 leavers lunch: excellent food & service. Thank you

Lovely lunch. Great final assembly

Year 6 leavers' lunch: great atmosphere, kitchen staff friendly and helpful. Fantastic!

Brilliant leavers' assembly. It made me cry. Lovely family lunch - loved the chocolate crunch

Family lunch are a good idea

Emotional but great day. Assembly was a spectacle to be proud of, followed by a fab lunch. Well done year 6 & Cledford

Lovely morning, great time

Lovely morning, lovely lunch

Once again a fantastic lunch & the leavers' assembly was just amazing. A true family occasion


Went to the year 2 assembly tonight, what can I say? Fantastic! Well done; all the children were amazing and the singing was just beautiful. Well done all the staff, your hard work paid off. All that, and lovely tea, coffee, cake and biscuits, what more could we ask for? We are very lucky to be part of such an amazing school x


Year 4 Family Lunch Feedback:

Lovely lunch, flan was yummy! My child loved me here, thank you

Lovely lunch. Enjoyed it. Thank you

Lovely meal with my grandson

Lovely lunch

Lovely lunch, all credit to Mrs Croft for the beautiful flan!

Lovely lunch, enjoy it a lot. Thanks

Lunch was very tasty, nice to share it with my son

Lovely lunch, great idea!

Great family lunch. Flan was beautiful

Lovely lunch. I cleaned my plate! Burger was good and the cookie amazing

Lovely lunch! Maybe the drinks for the children could be bigger, especially in the warm weather


Stay and get Arty Feedback:

Had a great time catching up with friends and getting arty, thanks

Fantastic idea, thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks you! Definitely do more nights like this.

Fantastic idea. I love it. Thank you.

I enjoyed it!


Comments received week beginning 13th March:

Year 2 Sharing Assembly

My little boy in Reception told us all about this today; thought it was fab and informed us that octopus have nine brains!

It was little one in Reception loved seeing her big brother doing the was lovely to go back to the classroom and see all his work

Year 2 sharing assembly was really enjoyable, I really enjoyed the songs, music and all the pieces of work they have been creating. Well done.


Comments received week beginning 6th March:

My daughters both attend Cledford Primary School and I can't fault it. We choose Cledford for the staff, breadth of curriculum and positive, friendly atmosphere. My children have amazing opportunities at the school. There is always something going on, it's worth checking the website to get a feel for what's going on at the school, you can also see how many events they get involved in.

Love the new homework style. We are having great fun and planning which one we can do each week around the weekend activities. Thank you. PS Year 4 sharing assembly was great!


Year 1 Family Lunch Comments:

Nice and a good dinner for children and a good company with children and staff. THANKS

Food was lovely, nice to see what my son has for lunch

Lovely family meal as always, really enjoyed

Lovely family meal - thank you

Lovely lunch - thank you. Nice to share with my daughter

Lovely lunch - curry was lovely. Nice to spend time in school

Food was very nice & healthy

Lovely family lunch with Year 1. Such a lovely idea

Nice to see where my child has lunch and I think she enjoyed the experience

We really enjoyed our year 1 lunch with our children

Lovely family lunch with year 1

Lovely family lunch, food was really nice

Lovely family lunch with year 1

Lovely curry and crumble 


Comments received week beginning 27th Feb:

The bedtime 'Journeyman' was a fantastic idea! Isla & Cara loved it and couldn't stop talking about it. The hot chocolate was a nice touch. More of this please and thanks to all who organised it!

We absolutely love the new homework system! She gets to choose which project she wants to do, we discuss ideas together and decide on how much work she wants to put into it. We are enjoying this new system nearly as much as our daughter is!

We are really pleased with our daughter's swimming lessons with Mrs Barnett. In September she was in the bottom set, by January she was in the top set, in the deep end! She really enjoys her lessons.

We all enjoyed the story time with the 'Journey Man'. Thank you to everyone for making it so much fun!

Well done on a brilliant author's week! What a great idea! My 3 children loved the visiting author (and hot chocolate), the great idea of decorated t-shirts on world book day (so much easier) and focussing on one author per class! Best of all, they have LOVED the reading challenge. Brilliant work all staff!!

Awesome idea for world book day! Well done Cledford.


Whole School Assembly & Fashion Show:

Ahhh, how awesome! You guys always go above and beyond. A fashion show, that's so lovely and gets the whole scool involved. Can't wait to see photos.

Brilliant idea for world book day. Well done Cledford!

Such a good idea instead of having to find a costume and the kids get to show off their artistic flare.

Fantastic looked fab this morning going into school in their t-shirts

Great idea! Kids loved the t-shirts!

Great idea!


Comments received week beginning 13th Feb:

I just wanted you to know how distressed I am to hear that school staff are being verbally abused when dealing with poor parking.
Personally I think there should be a zero tolerance approach to verbal abuse of teachers. I mean, what kind of role modelling is that for the children of these parents on how to respect a teacher. But, worse still, giving verbal abuse for keeping our kids safe! This is just atrocious.
I have nothing but the utmost respect for all you do for our children and I'm sorry you are having to put up with this. Thank you to all you do.

I love what you did for the dog fouling, sending leaflets home to report and the poster campaign.

Cledford Primary School, George VI Ave, Middlewich, CW10 0DD