Feedback 2018-2019

Y2 Family Lunch - 1st July 2019

A lovely lunch with the children. Food was delicious

Lovely lunch, thank you fro having us. It is nice to see where they have lunch

A lovely time spent with my child at family lunch. An excellent opportunity to get an insight into their school day. A fab lunch from Mrs Croft, the cheese flan was delicious

Lovely family lunch today. Really nice to have an insight into the school day and feel involved

Great family lunch. Lovely to have a glimpse into our child's school day. Thank you

Lovely lunch with my child. A really great idea to spend time in school with the children

Lovely oppoortunity to spend some time in the day in the school. Meal was very nice too. Thank you

Thank you for a lovely lunch. It was so nice to enjoy it with both my children.


NSPCC Parent Workshop - 13th June 2019

Very informative - wasn't sure what was out there and the support available. Thanks NSPCC

Fantastic idea to make everyone aware. Learned lots, thank you

A great session from the NSPCC. Thanks very much!

Really interesting and very informative. Maybe an evening session would be useful?


Kitchen Quality Audit - 14th May 2019

Excellent, clean tidy kitchen. New sub bar is doing really well and looked lovely. Excellent feedback from children on hot and cold food. Watched food preparation and all complies with HACCP (hazard analysis and critical control point). Food storage excellent, good staff personal habits, 2 week menu works well. Parent lunches and themed days planned for next term. Lovely staff lunches. Mrs Croft is amazing with the children, all ladies in kitchen work well together, lovely atmosphere. Well done!


EYFS Visitor - 17th May 2019

Enjoyed a mock moderation with the reception staff. Absolutely 'amazed' at the quality of work


Leo's Ladder author & illustrator visit - Dee Griffiths & Ali Holah - 16th May 2019

The children behaved beautifully today during our assembly talk on our book 'Leo's Ladder'. They asked very good questions and listened well. Thanks

Thank you to all the children and staff at Cledford. We thoroughly enjoyed the assemblies and hope you read 'Leo's Ladder' often. The children were the BEST BEHAVED in any assembly we have done!


STEM week - 29th April 2019

What a great way for the kids to explore science. Some fantastic work by all year groups. Very impressed with the drawings. My children loved it

Very good. I've learnt about angles from my grandchild. Brilliant

Great models and creations for STEM week. It was lovely to see the children so excited and inspired. Well done

Lovely work by all the children. My child very much enjoyed STEM week and has been excited to show me all their fantastic work

Excellent display of art. Very impressed

Love the rollercoaster. Really inventive ideas. Has really developed thinking and problem solving skills in a fun way


Prince William Award

What a fantastic experience for the children! Our child had a fantastic time and grew SO much in confidence while completing it. Thank you for all involved.


Year 1 Family Lunch - 4.3.19

So nice to spend time with my child in school, the food was lovely and I loved hearing all about lunch time! Look forward to the next family lunch

Lovely food. Always a nice treat to have lunch with the children

Enjoyed having lunch with the children. The meal was nice and the children liked sitting and eating with us

Very worthwhile, would come again

Lovely food! Service with a smile and very polite. Nice to spend time seeing what the children eat! Thank you

Lovely dinner and a good selection

Great food, friendly staff, great choice

Enjoyed being able to have lunch with my child. Lovely school, lovely staff!

Lovely lunch, really enjoyed it. A midday assistant even came and brought us a drink to the table. Great food. Loved seeing my child's face when mummy turned up! Definitely worth it

Teachers are some of the most unsung heroes. We have spent lunchtime with my grandchild and was lovely. Teachers are lovely and the food was delicious

Really enjoyed it, love being involved with things at school. Just to say i think you all do a fantastic job at Cledford

Very much enjoyed family lunch today, my child is always excited to show us his lunch routine and talk about it for days before. The food was lovely and a good variety, staff and MDAs very friendly and encouraging towards children. Thanks


Reception Family Lunch - 11.02.19


We all really enjoyed the family lunch, it's such a nice, inclusive idea

Lovely lunch. Second time I have been. Such a good idea; everyone works so hard and everyone seems to enjoy the experience. Thank you

Lovely lunch. Well organised. Thank you

Lovely idea sharing school experience. Food was very nice

Was lovely to join my child having his lunch. I was impressed with the lunchtime staff and how smoothly lunchtime went. Thank you for giving parents the opportunity

Lovely experience, food was tasty and nourishing

Good idea to invite family to share the lunch. The children have really enjoyed it. so have the adults!

Food was OK

Thank you to all the catering staff today. Another warm welcome at Cledford and an opportunity to share special moments with my daughter and her whole Cledford family. A lovely lunch too!

Thanks for a lovely meal, very enjoyable

The family lunch was a great idea. It was a nice way to share part of my child's day and be able to talk to the other children and parents. Thank you to all the kitchen staff who worked hard to make it happen.


Y6 Parent Information Meeting - SATs - 05.02.19

Thank you for the meeting and also for all your hard work you are all putting in to get them to do well; doesn't go un-noticed.


AS Creatives - 01.02.19

Thank you. Such a welcoming school. Wonderful staff and children who are like sponges and just want to learn. 5 stars!


Wednesday 30th January

Just want to say well done to Cledford school and staff this morning for being proactive – opening the school doors early and even helping the kids out of cars so the traffic wasn’t blocked. Well done


Stay & Make Music - 29.01.19

Great to see the kids experiment with the instruments!


Year 4 & Year 5 Family Lunch - 21.01.19

Lovely to sit with Y4 today. An enjoyable lunch and nice to see all the children eating and sitting so nicely. I look forward to the next one!

Great lunch, super company

It was lovely to have lunch with my daughter. Dinner was nice, the burger was nice. I enjoyed it, thank you. I will come again

Lovely lunch, very nice staff. Thank you so much

A lovely meal! Nice to spend time with the children during school time. I enjoy seeing what the children get to eat and the range of choice they get. Thank you

It was lovely to be able to come into school and have lunch with both my children. The staff were lovely and the food was very enjoyable. Thank you

Thank you so much for a lovely lunch!

Good food and very friendly

Really nice food and time with the kids is always good

Having the chance to share a lunch with our kids is awesome. Thanks for this

Enjoyed the lunch

Lovely lunch

Lovely idea - loved having lunch with my daughter

Really lovely lunch. Thank you

Lovely lunch, lovely idea

Great, thanks


Reception Nativity Feedback - 5.12.18 & 6.12.18

Lovely nativity. Very well prepared. Lovely singing in loud voices. Confident little ones

A wonderful, heartwarming performance. The confidence of the children was a credit to the school and shows the hard work that goes into growing the children's well-being

Absolutely brilliant. Loved the piano music. The children and teachers were amazing. Very proud!

Fantastic. All the kids were amazing

Excellent. Really enjoyed it

Well done. It was lovely to see my child take part. Such an inclusive school

Brilliant morning watching the reception nativity. Fantastic job

Amazing. It was so enjoyable. A lot of effort had been put in by the children and staff. I loved every minute. Well done everyone. Brought a little tear to my eye, it was simply wonderful

Absolutely brill considering their ages. Awesome


Visitor Feedback - 22.11.18

Such a happy, welcoming school. Many thanks. NSPCC


Open Day Feedback - 13.11.18

Lovely opportunity to look around the school. Very imformative. We enjoyed seeing all the activities, the gym and the outside areas. Thank you

Fantastic open day and amazing school! I wish I could spend my days here. Love all the different topics of wellbeing, reading and world war remembrance. Exciting times. Thank you

Wonderful visit around Cledford. Everyone is very helpful and friendly. Can't wait to come back!


WW1 Arts Review - 09.11.18

What an amazing experience; the staff and children have worked very hard

An amazing performance by all children. Staff worked very hard. Great experience.

What an amazing arts performance! It's so lovely to see the school educating the children about our country's history. Fantastic again!

Thank you Cledford. Absolutely fabulous effort by all children and staff. Thank you to all the staff for all your hard work and well done to the children of Cledford!

Amazing performance by the whole school and brought to tears by Y6

Great performance by all in assembly for Remembrance Sunday. Y6 brought all to tears. Excellent work

Well done to all he children for showing their understanding and appreciation for those who fought so bravely to protect our country and way of life


Year 3 Family Lunch - 05.11.18

Lovely lunch - my favourite puds!

Lovely lunch today with my child

Fantastic visit and the lunch was lovely. Feel very welcomed by the staff

Once again what a fantastic lunch Cledford provided. Made to feel very welcome by staff asking if everything was OK. Food delicious as usual - special thanks to the catering team

Lovely - fantastic spending time at lunch with my child. Jacket potato was lovely.

Lovely lunch wih my nephew


EYFS & KS1 Stay & Get Arty - 02.10.18

Lots of things to do, thank you for letting us join in with the kids

A great event with lots of good ideas, simple but effective ideas that parents could easily get involved in

Both my children loved it. It's nice to see them in the school environment having fun and learning. They need a bigger house with bigger walls for their art exhibition!

We really enjoyed Stay & Get Arty, we had lots of fun spending time together and getting creative as we love getting creative together

Lovely ideas, my son and his little sibling really enjoyed it!

Thank you very much for staying and running the Stay & Get Arty session. We have thoroughly enjoyed creating our poppies. The variety of media was really inspiring for my girls. Thank you!

Great idea and fun. My daughter loves art, craft and couldn't stop! Thanks to all the staff for giving up their time. Thank you

Another great session that we have attended. I really enjoy coming to these and being involved in doing things together in school

Thank you for asking parents to join in with clubs, we had great fun getting creative together

Thank you for the get arty, my daughter really enjoyed drawing and making poppies

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