SUMO - Stop, Understand, Move On

SUMO for schools

Children need to be engaged and empowered to release their true potential.

This is where SUMO4Schools can help. SUMO, which means 'I choose' in Latin, is all about empowering children in an innovative and accessible way. S.U.M.O. stands for the phrase Stop, Understand, Move On.


‘Stop, Understand’ means

  • to stop what you’re doing

  • take time out to reflect

  • let go of baggage and beliefs that hinder your potential


‘Move On’ means

  • tomorrow can be different from today

  • look for new possibilities

  • don’t just think about it, take action


SUMO4Schools has been put together and is delivered by teachers, education experts and professionals to help children develop skills for life. These skills include:

  • dealing with change

  • building better relationships

  • developing a resilient attitude to life

  • maintaining morale

  • improving motivation


SUMO4Schools delivers real transformative results in the engagement and reaction of our children – and makes a genuine positive difference to the outcome of their education.


SUMO is delivered through 6 principles, each focusing on different skills, but together forming a positive, motivated and creative way of thinking:


Six principles of SUMO

  • “Change Your T-Shirt”, which encourages pupils to take responsibility for their own life by rejecting labels such as “victim”.

  • “Develop Fruity Thinking” urges children to take charge of their thinking and think positively.

  • “Hippo Time is OK” suggests that everyone needs time to wallow.

  • “Remember the Beachball”, which teaches that different views can be equally valid, just as the colours you see on a beachball depend on your perspective.

  • “Learn Latin” introduces the idea of carpe diem (seize the day).

  • “Ditch Doris Day” means to reject the “whatever will be, will be” sentiment of her hit song Que Sera Sera, and start your journey to success.


SUMO is meant to be a challenging, thought provoking and memorable message


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