We welcome feedback from all our parents/carers


Class 11 Family Lunch 31.01.24

  • Absolutely amazing. Family lunch is one of the highlights of my year; to see the kids have lunch together. Cannot wait for my other child's lunch in March.Thanks.
  • Really great lunch and lovely to be able to spend time at the school.
  • Food is great and lovely to spend time with the kids.
  • Really good food and service.
  • Nice to have dinner with my child. Food was good.
  • Enjoyed every bite. Portion size was good. Thank you.
  • Lovely lunch, good portions with 2 vegetables. Thank you for having us.
  • It was amazing to spend time in school at lunch with my child. Super happy that they are still able to take part in this kind of event in later years!


Class 10 Family Lunch 30.01.24

  • Food was lovely. Great atmosphere. Staff very friendly.
  • Lovely food.
  • Thank you for a lovely lunch - my child and I really enjoyed it.
  • Great to see the children and friends at lunch.
  • Thank you for inviting us. Food was lovely and big portions. It was nice to see my child and their friends.
  • Lovely food. Friendly staff.
  • Lovely lunch for class 10. Thank you very much.
  • Lovely lunch, thank you very much.
  • Thanks for the lunch. Always nice to visit the school and see my child in the day.
  • Food was great. Staff were very friendly.


Class 4 Family Lunch 16.11.23

  • Really nice as always.
  • The food was nice and the experience was well organised. Thank you!
  • Enjoyed having dinner with my child; they showed me around. It was good. Thankyou.
  • We enjoyed coming and seeing how my child's lunch works. Great experience! Thank you.
  • Thank you for the opportunity. A good insight.
  • Lovely and well organised as always. Lovely tasty meall too - thank you!
  • Lovely having lunch with my child today! I love that all the dinner team know my child's name. Great to see my child's routine.
  • Good food.
  • It was nice and great to see the children eating so nicely.
  • Food was nice - enjoyed it. Love family lunch.
  • Food was great - thank you. 
  • Really nice meal. Lovely spend time with my child. Thank you.
  • Really good and a great tidy / recycle system.
  • Really enjoyed having lunch with my child. Super special - thank you.
  • Food was great.
  • Lovely atmosphere, very friendly.
  • Was a lovely lunch - thank you.


Class 3 Family Lunch 15.11.23

  • Really enjoyed my lunch. As always, lovely to eat with the children. Thank you.
  • Great food. Friendly staff.
  • Had a lovely lunch with our child. Thank you for hte opportunity.
  • Fantastic food - thank you to the kitchen staff. Brilliant idea - gives us an insight into our child's day. Thank you very much.
  • Lovely meal. Good choice of food.
  • Great time to spend with our child. Really enjoyed it.
  • Really enjoyed the lunch and so did our child.
  • Great to have lunch with our child and to see them with their friends.
  • Lovely food. Friendly staff. My child loved showing me what to do and having lunch with me.
  • Lovely hot fresh food. Very tasty as always. Was a joy to have lunch with my child.
  • Wonderful food. Really enjoyed it.
  • Great food. Lovely staff from the moment you walk in.
  • Very nice moment. Thank you.
  • It was great. Food was lovely and good portions. Enjoyed spending time here.
  • Thank you for organising. Always a lovely thing to do!
  • Meal was lovely and it is a lovely idea for parents to get to sit with their children in school.
  • Was lovely to come and sit with our child. Really enjoyed it.
  • It was nice and healthy. Thank you for having us.
  • Great food and very friendly staff.
  • A very nice meal. Nice to see friends talking to each other over lunch.
  • It was lovely being able to have lunch wiht our child and to experience the meals. Everyone creates such a lovely adn caring environment. Thank you to everyone for a fabulous lunch!


Class 6 Family Lunch 19.10.23

  • Food very good portion. Cake was amazing and drink was good. Enjoyed it. Thank you.
  • Really lovely food. Really enjoyed it.
  • Very lovely family meal. It was great to see my child in their school environment.
  • Lovely.
  • Having lunch today with my grandchild was lovely, and to see all the children and their parents too. The food was lovely, thank you all so much for today. Loved every minute. Credit to the cooks.
  • Lovely to see how the children and adults interact and how well they know the routine. Thanks.
  • Lovely dinner, thank you. Was nice to spend time with our child in school.
  • Lovely lunch. Great idea!
  • Lovely food, friendly staff! Lovely experience to come in to look around and spend time with the children.
  • Lunch with my child was wonderful. Lovely food and company. 


Class 5 Family Lunch 18.10.23

  • Lovely lunch thank you. Really lovely to sit with different parents and children. Roast was lovely.
  • Great time. Easy to figure out for the first time.
  • Lovely lunch. Nice to come and see what happens in school dinner times.
  • Food lovely. Thank you. Cake was amazing.
  • Lovely. So glad I could come. Like how they put their hand up to eat dessert.
  • The food was lovely. The atmosphere was very relaxed and it was great to have time with my grandchild over lunch. Thank you.
  • Really nice idea. Good to come in to see the children. Nice food. Lovely staff.
  • It was a lovely lunch. Food was great and so was the hygiene. Thank you for having us.
  • Food tasted really good. Like the fact that the children have to ask permission to eat dessert.



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