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Week Beginning 10th July 2023

Welcome to Summer Term 2. 

What a week! We have made it to our last full week in reception! We can't believe it has gone this quick but we are so proud of every single child, they have achieved so much this year and we can't wait to see them achieve more in year 1. 

This week, we have looked at 'Hello Hello' by Brendan Wenzel. This book focuses on belonging and being different and understanding that this makes us special. 


The children have really enjoyed this book and we have explored what makes each other different, but also what makes animals different. The book contains animals which are endangered and we made a list of the animals that we recognised. However, there were lots of animals that we did not recognise which we have explored throughout this week. 

The children recognised that all animals are different. Some are different colours, have feathers, are big and are small. We understood that we are all different and belong to different groups. We had a range of animal pictures and the children worked hard to group the animals depending on what they look like. For example we had; large, small, feathers, colourful, stripes and spots. We then decided to create more groups but using ourselves. We put ourselves into different groups such as girls, boys, hair colour, 4 year olds and 5 year olds. The children discussed how we are all different but we still belong together. 

To end our week, we were able to name all of the animals that appeared in the story including a damselfish, seahorse, lobster, kingfisher and a newt. The children understood that it does not matter if we don't know their names, we can still like them. The children's challenge was to write something they like about one of their friends. We had some lovely sentences such as; 'I like (friend name) because he makes me laugh'. 

Here is the link for you to enjoy the story at home.

Hello Hello



This week, we have finished our Little Wandle teaching for the reception year. We continued to look at reviewing phase 3 long vowel sounds and phase 2 diagraphs. We have also reviewed root words ending with 'er' and 'est'. 

The children have worked hard and they are becoming more confident when reading longer words by 'chunking them'. This will keep improving by reading 5 times each week. 

Tricky Words

Phase 3 Tricky Words

Phase 4 Tricky Words

Your child/rens reading book will be collected in on Monday 17th July so during the summer holidays, please do keep reading books with your child/re at home. They will also have a summer pack to bring home with many different challenges and activites for them to complete and have fun with. 

Busy Bee Time

The children have had free choice during busy bee time this week and it has been lovely to see them really engaging in play and using their own imaginations to create challenges for themselves. 

French Day

On Friday, it was French Day and the children learnt so much about France and the different customs to France. We learnt about the different food that French people eat (we even tried some ourselves!). During busy bee time, the children created French flags, a French word search, played 'Simon Says' in French and built an Eiffel Tower. We learnt to sing the numbers in French and the colours which we used to play a game where each child had a colour cube and when they heard the correct French colour name, they held up their cube. The children have had a fantastic day!

Below are some of the songs that we have listened to during the day. 

French Sing Along

Body Parts, Family and Feelings

Days of the Week

As a team, we just want to take this time to thank you all for your continued support throughout this year. The children have really achieved some amazing things and we are so proud of them. We hope you all have an amazing summer, with lots of adventures. Stay safe and we will see you in September!


EYFS Team 

Cledford Primary School, George VI Ave, Middlewich, CW10 0DD