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Year 5 Reading Reward

On Friday 10th February, children in Year 5 have a pyjama day!

Children can come to school in their pyjamas or onesies, please ensure they bring a coat and outdoor shoes. If your child does not wish to wear their night attire, they should come to school in their uniform (this is NOT a non-uniform day and no football shirts are allowed).


Dear Parents

It’s been another inspiring week at Cledford…

On Monday our whole school assembly reinforced the theme of ‘Growth Mindset’. Resilience is one of our Cledford 3Rs (Respect, Responsibility & Resilience); we are passionate about providing our children with the necessary tools to face life’s challenges. We used ‘HeartSmart’ to explore one of the ‘High Fives’: ‘No Way through… Isn’t True’ covering how most obstacles can be overcome with the right attitude and effort. The children were also introduced to ‘mindfulness’; we had some quiet reflection and time to think about things we may need help to improve. (See website for the assembly presentation and story: http://www.cledford.cheshire.sch.uk/page/3-rs-assemblies-respect-responsibility-and-resilience/30782 ).

Our ‘Cledford Tree of Kindness’ is continuing to blossom with more children every week being recognised by their friends and staff for acts of kindness. It is wonderful to see how keen the children are to recognise and celebrate acts of kindness in others and the daily efforts they each make to ‘fill buckets’ to make Cledford a co-operative, caring learning community.

Year 5 enjoyed learning outside the classroom on Tuesday during their ‘Forest School’ day; “On our ‘WOW’ Day we made pottage and wrote our names using a real quill. We performed on stages that we had made and sent secret messages sealed with wax we had melted over the fire. It was a brilliant day!” Keeran and Ioana

On Wednesday children in year 4 had great fun during their art day: collaging giant woolly mammoth, using batik to create Stone Age patterns, weaving a Stone Age style rug, building Stonehenge with salt dough, creating a 'wall of hands' and their own cave paintings.

Things to look forward to after half term:

Our first week back is English focus week - we will be exploring ‘Amazing Authors’ and there will be lots of exciting reading and writing activities taking place. The School Council meet again on Monday to discuss further ideas for improving life in school. I hope many of you will join us on Wednesday for hot chocolate and some riveting stories during our bedtime reading evening with storyteller Jonny Gillett. Thursday is ‘World Book Day’ and the children will be enjoying a themed lunch, donning their decorated t-shirts and finding a comfy space to relax and read their favourite book. The book fair also begins and the children will have the opportunity to come along after school and add to their reading collections. Our governors are also meeting on Thursday to discuss school improvement and celebrate achievements this term.

Enjoy your weekend and half term; let’s hope we are all able to get out and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine.

Kind regards

Mrs Turner-Richards

Head of School



Cledford Primary is a bucket filling school
Cledford children follow all the rules
we work and play all day

written by
Year 4 Pupil



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