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Mrs Higgins - Class 1 teacher

Miss O'Nions - Class 2 teacher


We are delighted you have chosen Cledford Primary School for your child’s education.


Please don't hesitate to contact a member of the Reception team with any queries you might have.


Our focus this week has been staying safe- the children have learnt about fire safety and loved visiting the fire engine!, e-safety, water safety, road safety and anti bullying. We have used stories, videos and games to get across some really important messages. Ask the children about Supercat, Smartie the penguin and Fireman Sam! It was great to see so many of you taking part in ‘Stay and Keep Safe’ on Tuesday.

Maths sessions this week have been a chance to revisit and reinforce previously taught skills- solid shapes, counting on, more than/less than and sorting.

The children also had a visit from the PCSO's on Monday. Can they tell you what they talked about?

On Friday the children enjoyed learning more about Children in Need and we went 'spot crazy' with creative activities and accessories. We will be helping out at the Christmas Fair later tonight- see you there; don't forget to get your Santa visit booked when you arrive then you can enjoy the rest of the stalls and activities. Thank you for your support.


This has been a great week! The children have come back to school refreshed and ready to learn, which is a good job as this week has been chock a block with activities! We have been preparing for the Art's review on Friday, learning about and reading the story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and learning the names and properties of solid shapes - cylinder, cube, cone, cuboid and sphere.

The children have been exploring the different materials, bricks, straw and sticks; we have been using them to build houses for the pigs. They have compared weight, texture, strength and durability. They have pretended to be the wolf and used their 'huff and puff' to blow, creating bubble painting pictures.

Next week is 'Staying Safe week’; we will be having a visit from the firefighters and the fire engine, thinking about fire safety, water safety, road safety and cyber safety. Please encourage the children to talk to you about what they have done each day.

Thanks for your support with home learning and reading over the holiday; this will have a hugely positive impact on the children's learning and progress.


This week the children have enjoyed the story ‘The Little Red Hen’. Traditional tales will be our focus over the next few weeks and this is the perfect one to begin with as it ties in so beautifully with our upcoming harvest celebrations.

The children have learnt about speech bubbles and worked on using their phonic skills in writing and reading. They are becoming more independent and confident to 'have a go' and are completing 'take away challenges' and 'exit passes' all by themselves.

The maths work the children have done this week has focused on accurate counting, spots on dice and dominoes. We have taught the children how to play dominoes; maybe you could have a game over the weekend? The children have worked on matching amounts to the correct number.

We have baked bread just like the ‘Little Red Hen’ did in the story.

Please take a look at the home learning activities we have sent home and send back to school anything that you have done so we can share and celebrate with the class.

The EYFS team.


This week we have read the story ‘Farmer Duck’ by Martin Waddell.  You can watch this on the following link:

This is a story the children particularly enjoyed  about a lazy farmer and a hard working duck. The children have enjoyed adding speech bubbles to the characters and using adjectives in their writing to describe the farmer and the animals. Our number work this week has focused on addition of groups of objects to find a total and counting on from a given number. If we have permission to publish your child's photograph, their face will appear in the Middlewich Guardian soon; the photographer visited on Monday and took class photographs. Thank you to those who attended ‘Stay and Get Reading’; we hope it was useful and that you enjoyed having the time with your child in class.

We will keep the farm theme going next week as we move into harvest preparations by reading the traditional tale of ‘The Little Red Hen’. The children are going to learn a song which they will perform at the church during the Harvest Festival on Friday 25th October.

Enjoy the weekend and keep reading at home; the children are making fantastic progress!

The EYFS team.


This week the children have enjoyed the story of 'Rosie's Walk’ by Pat Hutchins. See the link for the online version.

This book has led to learning about prepositions: above, under, around, over etc. and number work around addition of groups of farm animals and 'which number is more?'

The children have enjoyed making hen collages, bee headdresses, building a bridge over the pond from the story and sequencing the story scenes. They have been introduced to story maps and had a go at drawing their own. In phonics sessions we have learnt new phonemes m, n, g, d and o.

The children earned a spot reward on Thursday because 49/50 children read the previous evening, well done and thank you for you support!  Don’t forget to come to ‘Stay and Get Reading’ on Thursday 10th October at 2:30pm for the chance to find out more about early reading skills and to take part in some reading activities with your child.

Have a good weekend; please keep an eye out for autumnal objects (conkers, acorns, sycamore wings etc.) when you are out and about and send them into school if you can. Thank you!


The children have thoroughly enjoyed their learning this week! We got off to a great start with Little Treasure's Day- thank you for all the work you all put into the fantastic treasure boxes. The treasure theme continued all week with pirate ships, buried treasure, treasure hunts and stories about pirates to enhance the learning; we have focussed on counting to 10 and beyond, identifying numerals, writing names and simple sentences using the tricky word 'I' and early phonics skills through our daily letters and sounds sessions.

The children have marked World Peace Day today by thinking about being kind, taking part in some meditation time and taking part in 'Earthdance'.

It is Arts Week next week- lots of exciting learning through dance, music, painting and drawing!

Please keep reading at home - 5 times a week is the school expectation - the children will get rewarded for achieving this goal.


What a great start we have had!  The children are settled and enjoying exploring their new indoor and outdoor classroom.  All the children have completed their baseline assessment and are ready to get learning.  Please don’t forget your treasure boxes on Monday 16th September to share with their class for ‘Little Treasures Day’.  The boxes will be returned to you at the end of the day so please don’t worry about any precious/sentimental items you may want to include.  Our theme next week will be pirates and treasure!

Thank you! The EYFS team


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