Year 5 2019 - 2020


Teachers: Mrs Marsland & Miss Wagstaff



Autumn Term

Our topic this term is: 'What makes Britain 'Great'?


  • As part of PE we were looking closely at dance. We decided it was our turn to tackle the 'Foot Shake'. We practised the moves and then challenged ourselves to see how fast we could complete it whilst maintaining control and stamina. Once we were confident, we then began to add our own moves to the routine. Videos coming soon!


  • After a chilly start to the day, the sun came out just in time for year 5 when we headed outside for PE. We used a range of equipment to create games which would help develop our aim when throwing. 


  • As part of our science topic electricty, we showed how well we knew what made a complete circuit. We constructed circuits with a range of components and investigated what happened when you added more bulbs or batteries. 


  • We were visited by pollution experts from Cheshire East council who helped us conduct an experiment into the impact of air pollution. Using food colouring in water, we looked at what happens when too many cars keep their engines on outside school. We thought about ways to reduce car emissions near our school in order for us, and our environment, to remain healthy


  • Wednesday 13th February was World Kindness Day and we talked about what we would want in a friend. We also discussed anti-bullying and how, if we help combat bullying, we can help keep ourselves and others safe. We formed our own kindness trees - green leaves representing the positive characteristics of a person and the orange leaves representing the undesirable characteristics. 



  • Stay Safe week has landed! Monday morning started with a visit from our local PCSOs who discussed with us how we can keep ourselves safe at home, at school and when out playing. 


  • Having studied the art work of Victorian artist William Morris, we used our designs from the previous lesson and brought them to life through printing. We drew the designs into polysterene tiles, coated the tiles in paint, put them in place and then added pressure with a roller. We then peeled the tiles back to reveal our designs. Have a look at some of our pictures in the news section of the website.



  • A bit of (heavy) rain didn’t stop year 5 from having fun in their Forest Schools session last week! Inspired by William Morris, we created our own repeated, symmetrical patterns using materials we found around us.



  • To celebrate World Peace Day, year 5 watched a short video about the importance of 'paying forward' acts of kindness. We read part of Malala Yousafzai's Nobel Prize speech and explored the meaning behind it before considering what we can learn from it. Finally, we were inspired to write our own 'How Peace Begins' poem. 


  • In preparation for our study of William Morris and Arts Week, we practised our watercolour skills. Using some colour charts, we mixed paints to recreate different shades of a colour.


  • As part of our plant studies in science, we dissected lillies and removed the various parts of the flower. We then identified them, using our knowledge from our previous lessons. An excellent start to science in year 5 by all children. 




Year 5 is a very exciting year where the children take the next steps in becoming independent learners, supported carefully to take responsibility for their own learning and identifying targets and next steps. We have lots to look forward to during the coming months. We aim to give you a brief overview of the year ahead and explain the subtle changes between year 4 and 5.

Routines and equipment

Our school day begins at 8.45am when the gates open and in line with the changes to Cledford’s school day, we will finish at 3.15pm. Dinner and snack ordering systems remain the same. Children need a labelled PE kit including trainers in school each day as well as a water bottle. Pencil cases are not permitted as all equipment will be provided.

Homework and expectations

It is expected that by the end of year 5 all children know their times tables up to 12x12, including the division facts. There is a list of words which children should be able to spell by the end of year 6 in order to meet the required standard. We aim for children to accurately spell at least 50% of them by the end of year 5. These will be sent home in September with further guidance and explanation for parents and carers. Children must practice these spellings at home while work in school is planned carefully to give plenty of opportunities to use and apply them. Similarly, during the course of the year, children will be taught a number of spelling rules for which many these words apply. A weekly spelling test will take place.

As always at Cledford, the expectation is that all children read at home with an adult at least 5 times each week. We expect that reading diaries are signed daily. Reading may be from a magazine, newspaper, fiction or information book. We are always interested to find out what you have been reading and recommendations are gratefully received as we encourage our learners to develop their preferences and discuss their literary interests with knowledge and enthusiasm. Guided reading in school will take many forms and there will be a focus on whole class reading as we work to expose the children to a wider range of texts.

Homework in year 5 follows the school policy with a commitment to the benefits of independent project work whilst still focusing on the basic skills of English and maths. Children are expected to complete a number of challenges over a term and projects are shared with staff and peers on a regular basis. Our aim is for children to be able to discuss their findings knowledgeably and enthusiastically, taking pride in their work. We have a continually changing homework display where pieces are shared and celebrated.

Science at Middlewich High School 

We are lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend an afternoon each term in the science department at Middlewich High School completing work and solving problems linked to our science work in Cledford. The resources and equipment available under the guidance of subject specialist teachers provide a wonderful opportunity to inspire our year 5 learners and we are certain that any opportunities this year will be as readily welcomed as they have been previously.

Buddy system

All children in year 5 will have a ‘buddy’ in reception. Our buddy system has proved successful in helping to promote friendship and support between older and younger peers through regular collaboration between classes, for example with story sharing, sports activities and golden time. The benefits of our buddy system are twofold: the older children learn to take on responsibility, while the younger children know that they have a fellow student they can confidently turn to for support. We are certain that we will see many new friendships grow and flourish in the year ahead.

Year 5: The arts at Cledford items

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