Meet our Staff

Leadership Team

Federation Headteacher - Mrs J Booth

School Principal - Mrs S Frater

Federation Business Manager- Mrs J Irlam

Senior Lead Teachers - Miss A Platt and Mr C Adlington


Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS)

Teacher - Mrs E Higgins
Support team - Mrs L Barnett, Mrs A Collins and Miss R Henshaw


Year 1

Teachers - Miss A Parton & Mrs T Coppock and Mrs M Giblin
Support team - Mrs T Perry Mrs S Thompson and Mrs E Williams

Year 2

Teachers - Mr C Adlington and Mrs M Habesch & Miss L Jenkinson
Support team - Miss H Parry and Mrs C Rawlinson


Years 3/4

Teachers - Miss R Gerrard, Mrs Peters & Mrs Lester and Mrs E Phillipson
Support team - Miss C Bond, Mrs H Ferris and Mrs L Foley

Year 5

Teachers - Mrs H Dunleavy & Mr C Simpson and Mrs S Sutton
Support team - Mrs Falconbridge and Mrs Furse

Year 6

Teachers - Miss A Platt and Miss L Wagstaff
Support team - Mrs J Hassall


Additional Support Staff

Family Support Worker - Miss K Bennion

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTA) - Mrs L Smith, Mrs L Barnett & Mrs A Collins


Admin Team

Federation Finance - Mrs Z Doyle

Office Manager - Mrs K Roberts

Clerical Officer - Mrs B Allott


Site Team

Federation Facilities Manager - Mr G Marsland

Assistant Caretaker - Mrs J Marsland

Site Team - Miss O Kirillova Giestas, Miss C Bond & Miss L Towers


Midday Team

Catering Supervisor - Mrs J Croft

Midday Supervisor - Mrs L Oakes

Midday Assistants - Mrs E Brown, Miss R Henshaw, Mrs D Hough, Miss O Kirillova Giestas, Mrs F Roberts, Mrs C Winters and Mrs L Youd

Cledford Primary School, George VI Ave, Middlewich, CW10 0DD